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e-Flow® Digital Signage

While waiting to be summoned for service, your customer will watch advertisements of products and new launches by your Company.

You can also display general information such as weather information or whatever is convenient for your business.

The screen allows the reproduction of videos with or without sound, images and texts adapted to your business’ needs.

More flexibility and power

The standard physical advertising poster require a considerable amount of time on their making, distribution logistics, they become obsolete after a very short time and their content can’t be adapted by zone or place. e-Flow® Digital Signage simplifies to its maximum the process for the generation of new content and its modifications, their distribution is instantaneous and it allows to modify the content displayed in accordance to its area of distribution.


The generation, distribution and maintenance costs of standard advertising posters demand a high investment. e-Flow® Digital Signage notoriously simplifies and reduces to its maximum capacity the costs of all the procedures. Distribute and modify the content as many times as necessary in mere minutes with no additional cost.

Local and online access

e-Flow® Digital Signage is a web application that can be locally implemented at your company or can be directly accessed via web. It adapts at your convenience, the system will always provide you with all the benefits of having a low-cost and dynamic advertising solution.

Admits the setting up of multiple multimedia content types

e-Flow® Digital Signage contemplates the configuration and visualization of multiple multimedia content types, among those we can name there are: videos, photos, texts, RSS, web pages and more.

Works on different platforms

The Media Player Software interacts with the server to obtain information to reproduce and continously report its status. The software does not require special components to operate, there are multiple platforms that can be used:

Easy to set-up and of low maintenance effort

e-Flow® Digital Signage has all the necessary tools to easily administer projects, screens, contents and monitor the whole operation. The incorporated Project Administrator allows you to easily create new template designs to the screens you wish to add to display your multimedia content. Also, the supervisor´s monitor will show the current status of each screen or player, allowing them to detect any issue instantaneously.