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e-Flow® Customer Feedback

Your company will be able to generate and manage different Survey options to get to know your customers, suppliers and employee’s opinion.

The data can be remotely extracted from the Branch via several kinds devices.

Your Company will be able to perform an Analysis and Management of the results obtained in real time and / or the historical ones.

Supports the use of multiple Access channels

To simplify and optimize the number of responses obtained, e-Flow® Surveys supports the use of multiple channels of access to query forms: surveys can be answered via e-Mail, Tablets, Self-Service Terminals or Totems, Electronic Qualifiers, Tactile, Mobile, SMS, etc.The interaction can occur after the attention, in each workstation, in a general sector within the branch or remotely, when the customer is no longer in the branch.

Facilitates decision-making

E-Flow® Surveys gives you information from the point of view of the real perception of your customers, operators or suppliers, so that you have a fundamental support before planning your next actions.

Allows the generation of multiple surveys

E-Flow® Surveys supports the configuration of multiple surveys that can be selected by clients, including the quality of customer care received in branches. In this way, it is possible to consult for the quality of customer care in the face-to-face channel and in other virtual channels, because of the need for new products and many other options that are of interest to you.

Allows the generation of multiple queries and posible answers

Each survey created, can contain multiple queries with different formats and objectives, which in turn have multiple associated answers. E-Flow® Surveys gives you the flexibility to get the really important information that will enable you to understand what is happening with your company’s processes.

Adaptable to your organization

Surveys can be carried out by multiple mechanisms, contemplating multiple contents that will additionally contain corporate aesthetics, according to the guidelines that the company has ruled. In this way, our solution fully adapts your organization in all aspects required.

Invaluable source of information

Survey results can be viewed in real time, at the time they are produced, or historically analyzed to perform statistical calculations.The information presented can be associated with that generated by our e-Flow® Queue Management product, thus achieving two different and complementary perspectives of the information related to branch care.