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Queue Management

When entering the branch, your customer selects the service of their interest at the self-service kiosk at their disposal.

The customer obtains the ticket with its own id number and waits to be summoned.

The Digital Signage device will display the ticket numbers and their corresponding workstations.

Order and comfort

By replacing the physical queue with a virtual one, waiting times are shortened allowing the customer to wait his or her turn comfortable seated, and your company to achieve the highest quality of customer attention. E-Flow® Queue Management allows you to automatically route a customer according to its segment, process or assigned operator, generating order transparently for the user and the operator.

Increasing the profitability of the business

E-Flow® Queue Management enables the prioritization of attention according to segmentation, allowing your most important customers to be attended in advance and by the people you consider most appropriate, as well as prioritization according to the most profitable operations for your business. Powerful attention algorithms regulate the waiting times automatically, complying with the regulations for the improvements in face-to-face customer attention.

Monitoring and Supervision

To ensure the highest quality of customer care, e-Flow® Monitoring panels provide notifications of breach of defined thresholds and real-time information of the customer attention process. In order to detect their origin, it includes emissions, attentions, waiting times, attention times, job status and many other data required to determine possible conflicts.

Control and decision making

With e-Flow® Queue Management, a system of metric records is implemented that obtains indicators of each instance of the attention, facilitating the decision making based on clear, adequate and timely information. The data can be integrated with other systems to provide a concept of omnicanality in relation to the attention of its customers, which will enable it to improve the measurement of traceability in all its processes.

Optimization of resource use

Determining the amount of resources and their distribution is a complex process that impacts the quality of customer care and costs of your company. E-Flow® Queue Management enables you to estimate the amount of resources required in a new branch, confirm or not an additional resource, determine reward or punishment procedures, and many other definitions that will be based on reports that will support the taken decision.

New channels of communication

The face-to-face channel is still the most effective channel to convince and confirm the purchases of its customers. E-Flow® Queue Management offers the possibility of including general advertising, directed to different segments or to a particular customer, that can be shown in the ticket issued and / or shown on TVs through our e-Flow® digital signaling system.